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Friday, 23 August 2013

Why Big Advertising Is Big Business

The Out Of Home advertising industry is enjoying an unprecedented boom. Advertising agencies and major brands are investing large budgets in all forms of outdoor advertising. 
Even smaller companies and local firms are using big advertising as a means of promoting themselves and attracting more customers.
Demand for big advertising continues to increase and it is clear that OOH advertising has not only survived the recession but is gaining importance. Almost everyone in the industry, from creative agencies to large format printing firms and companies that own the actual sites themselves, has seen a revival in this form of sales promotion which is being used more extensively than ever before.
Ubiquitous presence
Wherever they go, from the moment they leave their homes consumers are surrounded by a variety of big advertising. From hoardings on major roads and motorways to poster advertising in shopping centres, eye-catching displays vie for consumer attention.
Even buildings can now be used as a form of advertising thanks to the building wrap. Scaffolding on construction projects, facades of public buildings and department stores have all been enveloped in PVC mesh printed with colourful graphics and striking messages to promote a project, brand or enhance corporate image.
Big advertising is hard to miss and impossible to ignore!  
Financial sense
The reason why big advertising is becoming so popular is because advertisers know it makes good financial sense.  Compared to other forms of advertising, particularly TV and national newspapers, the outlay for OOH advertising is relatively low.  With a potential audience of hundreds of thousands the Cost Per Thousand (CPM) rates for outdoor advertising are among the lowest in the industry.
Poster advertising also lends itself readily to customisation so the poster message can be adapted easily for local audiences. The production cost of hoarding advertising and posters is considerably less than that of creating an advertising video.  Different versions of a poster can be made for different regions, each displaying for example the address of a local branch of a national company or the nearest retail outlet that stocks the product being promoted.
The development of digital screen advertising has taken the ease of customisation of OOH advertising to new levels. Unlike posters which would have to be reprinted, the image or message displayed on a screen can be updated instantly and at little or no cost.

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