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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Latest Innovative Uses Of Poster Advertising

Over the years  Out Of Home advertising has been steadily evolving to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated target audience. Ongoing innovation in the OOH advertising sector has resulted in  improved mechanical components and changes in the materials being used which allowed increase in the maximum achievable size of poster and billboard advertising.
Poster advertising has always been popular with brands because it gives them the opportunity to enhance the visability of their campaign images through use of a large format display medium without diluting the brand message.
Advertisers know that strategically placed posters guarantee substantial exposure for relatively little investment, which makes this form of advertising very cost-effective. Unlike other forms of advertising, demand for poster advertising has therefore not only been sustained through the recession but is actually increasing.
This is ramping up competition in the OOH sector and fuelling developments that continue to drive poster advertising to new heights, as can be seen in the following examples.
Physical interaction
Trendy footwear brand Converse recently launched a unique three-day OOH campaign in the heart of one of London’s coolest districts, Shoreditch. Four Giant Posters were unveiled on Old Street, Brick Lane and Great Eastern Street as an integral part of Converse’s Shoes Are Boring Wear Sneakers campaign.
Following the unveiling, artists were brought in by the brand to transform the Old Street poster. The large poster size was vital as it allowed the artists to create a huige traffic-stopping work of art in the trendiest of urban areas.
The edgy look of the ‘punked’ poster blended perfectly into the trendy Shoreditch landscape. Converse’s aim was to create a buzz and they certainly succeeded. The locals loved the new artwork and the Converse campaign became a talking point in its own right.

Integration with other channels
Poster advertising can be used to bridge the gap between a brand’s digital channels and its large-scale advertising by providing calls to action such as visiting a website, calling a helpline or liking a Facebook page. This is done so big names can build a brand through big advertising campaigns.

A good example of the integration of poster advertising with other components of the marketing mix is the campaign for the launch of the VW Golf VII. This combined poster advertising with online promotion and TV adverts to great effect. Great focus was put on online aspects and interactivity from the start of the campaign and poster advertising was used to drive traffic to the campaign website which in turn instigated discussion on various forms of social media.  

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