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Friday, 3 May 2013

What Makes a Big Event and How to Cope

With the summer fast approaching and a calendar full of big events, let’s consider for a moment the pressure organizers face in order to make these events a success. The question is what actually makes a big event and how do event organizers manage themselves and their staff before, during and after that event?
This summer will see a range of music and arts festivals come to the UK. Many event organizers will be starting to feel the pressure that comes hand-in-hand with organizing a large-scale event. In this tough economic climate, with organizations having their budgets and grants either taken away or slashed, it has become even harder to cope with putting on a big event. Workforce management is key to ensuring that you have the right amount of staff, doing jobs that match their specific interests or skills. With money tight, event organizers need to ensure they’re making the most of their resources and getting the most out of every single member of their workforce. Unemployment rates are still high across the whole of the UK and since many young people are struggling to find any work or relevant work experience, volunteers could become very beneficial to your event. By identifying people’s needs to gain specific skills and experiences, you could provide individuals with invaluable experience that could enhance their CVs and their future prospects. The great thing is that you could also get something in return. By building up a dedicated and skilled workforce and using comprehensive volunteer management software, you could ensure that individuals are placed within the right department for their particular skills and interests.   
This summer also sees an array of sporting events hit British shores and sport event management can be particularly challenging. With so many different factors to consider – from training grounds, accommodation, specific dietary requirements to the actual events themselves – these sorts of events can undoubtedly become problematic for even the most experienced event organizers, but they needn’t be. Be prepared and as long as you have a good relationship with all representatives from the sporting organizations and / or individuals you’re working with, all should run smoothly. Most importantly, ensure you have a dedicated workforce behind you. 
After a long, hard winter, the British public are keen to have a great summer full of memorable events, so whatever event you may be organizing, make sure you’re well prepared and organized - that way you’ll be able to enjoy running the show and reap the rewards that come with it.

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