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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to Build a Successful Brand Through Advertising

In order to build a successful brand and maintain an already well-known one, large business owners need to work hard on building brand awareness, along with creating striking and memorable advertising campaigns.  Advertising, especially on a very large scale, can provide a great springboard for the launch of a new product or service and it can also give an existing campaign that extra push it may need. Here are a few tips on how to build a successful brand through advertising:
Humour Works - There are many ways that brands can go about devising an advertising campaign and one of the best ways of grabbing consumers’ attention is with humour. A clever play on words or catchy slogan can be extremely effective and this sort of advertising campaign really does work well when teamed up with the right brand.  blowUP media recently rolled out giant poster advertising campaigns for Bacardi with their ‘We’ve Spiced Things Up a Bit’ campaign and ‘In The Beginning There Was Bulmers’ campaign for Heineken. The clever play on words in both campaigns, along with the enormous scale of their giant posters, resulted in high-impact advertising in the busiest of urban locations. Research shows that humour within advertising increases people’s attention and it also puts a smile on their face – it’s an easy way of raising people’s awareness of a particular brand.
Work alongside PR companies - What campaigns require these days are integrated branding messaging through different channels. Within the current economic climate, it’s a competitive market out there and running an advertising campaign in conjunction with a PR campaign can do wonders for brand building. A sustained and consistent message is vital for the success of any brand building exercise.  Many believe that both marketing tools can work side by side in effectively launching a brand and then ensuring its longevity and credibility.  Brand advertising alone is clearly a very effective tool, however this can most definitely be strengthened when teamed up with savvy PR.
Social Media - We live in a gadget-obsessed society and people have apps and instant access to all the major social media and networking websites, so make sure you’re on there too. When it comes to brand building, consistency is key, so ensure that your Twitter or Facebook page, for example, is consistent with any poster advertising or billboard advertising you may have also rolled out as part of that campaign.  It may sound simple but it’s a key step in brand building. If someone sees a striking image or reads a catchy slogan time and time again and in various situations (eg seeing a billboard on their journey to work or stumbling across an advertisement on YouTube) that’s sure to raise their awareness of that brand and its campaign within an extremely competitive industry.

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