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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Big Advertising Leads to Big Results

From our television screens to public transport, consumer advertising is everywhere these days and companies realise the difference a strong and innovative campaign can make to their product or service. The advertising industry is getting bigger and bigger, quite literally, and giant posters can be seen throughout the UK’s larger cities these days. From Ford in Fulham to Bacardi in Birmingham, these huge advertising platforms are a familiar sight to busy urbanites all over the UK and beyond.

World-renowned companies from all sorts of industries have used giant posters as part of their advertising campaigns. Placing these huge campaigns bang in the centre of urban hot spots, ensuring they dominate their surrounding area, is a proven way of grabbing people’s attention and effectively getting a message across to consumers. One of the leading companies within the outdoor advertising industry is blowUP media. After establishing in the early 90s and specialising in billboard advertising at that time, the company has evolved within the industry and now provides quality giant posters, building wraps and large-scale, digital screen advertising campaigns. The company is a real frontrunner in the outdoor media industry and recognizes the importance of impact advertising in the heart of busy towns and cities. 

With competition fierce and rival companies always trying to produce bigger and better campaigns, business owners understand how important impactful advertising is to building a successful brand. Giant posters are a modern and striking medium that transform relatively simple concepts into impressive and powerful advertising campaigns that command people’s attention. Along with giant posters, other bold advertising methods such as building wraps can also be seen within larger cities. This advertising method sees at least one side or section of a building totally covered by one gigantic advertising campaign. This full-on and striking method works wonders within busier areas where people are constantly on the go and can get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of city life. Smaller-scale advertising would simply not have the same impact within this sort of hectic environment, which is why these colossal campaigns work so well to grab the attention.

Gone are the days where A4 posters glued to a wall or lamppost are seen as effective advertising campaigns - outdoor media is moving with the times.  Nowadays, it’s all about creating a huge impact and engaging effectively with your audience, ensuring that your brand’s important messages are successfully conveyed to consumers immediately. One thing’s for sure, big advertising can lead to big results.

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