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Friday, 17 May 2013

How to Simplify the Workforce Management Process

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to help their operation run smoother and be more productive and one of the main ways to do this is by investing in effective software. 92% of organizations still claim they use spreadsheets to manage some aspects of their workforce, but 42% of them also admitted that the use of spreadsheets made it more difficult to manage a workforce. However, there is a simple and cost-effective solution – workforce management software.
Ventana Research published a report at the end of 2012 detailing the findings of their research into what businesses wanted from a workforce management software package. The majority of participating organizations in their study were time-clock-based organizations that used software packages to manage their workforce. Below are some of their key findings:
Of all the participants in their study, Ventana Research discovered that only 10% of those organizations were using workforce management software to its full potential. This meant that a huge 90% of participating organizations either didn’t have workforce management software or didn’t fully understand how to use it and its many features. This simply proves that a bespoke software package tailored to your organization’s specific needs, along with full support from the software providers is exactly what organizations require when they invest in these software packages; especially as nearly three quarters of the participating organizations stated that improving the productivity of their workforce was a critical matter for them.
Two thirds of those that have a dedicated workforce management software system stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with it. The value of these custom-made software packages is easy to see. They can help you resolve various workforce issues such as higher productivity, centralizing all your vital information and improving inconsistent execution.
Given the results of the study, it will not surprise you to learn that more than half of the organizations that participated in this research are now planning to adopt labour and workforce analytics tools in the next year, joining the 30% that already have them. Every organization’s ambition should be to streamline its employee scheduling and empower employees to take responsibility for their job and this is exactly what a strong workforce management software package can provide. These ambitions don’t only apply to workforce management processes within the industrial and business sectors, but may also be applied to sports event management.

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