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Friday, 10 May 2013

The Advantages of Digital Screen Advertising

Advertising has advanced a great deal since the 19th Century when Thomas J. Barratt came up with the now infamous campaign for Pears Soap. The basic principle of advertising, however, remains the same but the way companies go about it has evolved a great deal.
Various advertising tools have been used throughout the decades, including posters, billboards, television and radio. However, we are now at a stage where more advanced techniques such as digital screens are the preferred methods of advertising, especially within our bustling towns and cities. Using a combination of factors, including moving images, sound (including music and the spoken word), along with the more traditional written word on the screen itself, helps to create a more attractive advertising campaign that’s far more likely to grab consumers’ attention. For example, companies are now able to advertise as they would on your TVs at home but through large digital screens within urban hot spots, meaning thousands of people will be exposed to a particular campaign. Recent research shows that digital advertising gets ten times the amount of eye contact from passers by compared to traditional static signage, therefore companies would be foolish not to recognize the potential results from this advertising method.
From automotive advertising to fashion advertising, anything and everything can be shown on these huge digital screens. A big advantage of digital screen advertising is that the advertisement can be updated in live time, which makes this method far more appealing for companies that may want to use it for on-going campaigns or charity campaigns with a view to keeping the public up-to-date on their progress. Another advantage associated with this type of advertising is that it’s environmentally friendly – such a cost-effective and greener advertising method could appeal to companies with certain environmental aims and strategies.
Having run digital screen campaigns for huge companies such as Citroen and Gillette, blowUP media are specialists in big advertising campaigns. Using the most recent technology, their campaigns are always full of impact and authority.  Having developed a state-of-the-art digital programme, the innovative and contemporary campaigns are placed right in the city centre, delivering on quality and innovation. Digital screen advertising is fast becoming the most popular forms of marketing with companies looking for vibrant, state-of-the-art campaigns that entice consumers to their product or service.  

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