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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to Get a Good Client Shot

Whether you are in sports public relations or any kind of PR, at some point you will be running a photo shoot that involves getting a great shot of your client – here are some ideas to help you get the shot that any sports public relations exec would be proud of and a picture your client will love. 1. Suggest to your client that they are fully rested and don't overindulge or over-train the night before. A late night or dehydrated face always shows in the photos, so unless you have a very talented make up artist on hand or are prepared to invest in photo-shopping, take it easy or expect a disappointing image 2. Depending on who is styling the shot either allow time beforehand for a try-on session or ask the client to review their choice of outfit at home. They need to have a critical look in the mirror and make sure what they wear is really flattering. Sports public relations execs understand that sportspeople usually have amazing physiques but frequently live in tracksuits, so whilst the opportunity to do a shoot is exciting, some athletes find themselves outside their comfort zone 3. Suggest your client brings a couple of alternatives in case you need to do some diplomatic restyling. They need to feel comfortable but they also need to look good 4. Unless your client is in TOWIE, tactfully ban self tanning products for at least 3 days beforehand. It is also worth avoiding a shoot immediately after a client’s return from holiday – you have no idea how red they may be 5. Unless your client is known for wearing glasses (or if it is a shoot to promote them) it's best not to wear them at the shoot as reflections in the lenses can be distracting, If someone who usually wears specs is opting not to wear them, they need to take them off ten minutes before they go on camera, otherwise the marks on their nose will show 6. Bring a comb, water and an iron; shirts tend to get very crumpled under suits so if you decide to do an informal shot after a formal one, your client risks looking dishevelled. If you have packed an iron, you will be deemed a sports PR hero 7. Everyone is very busy but urge your client to allow time to relax before the photo session and enjoy it. Photographers are serious about getting their subject to look their best and it is much easier if everyone involved is happy London sports agency ENS Ltd has seen some excellent shoots as well as some distinctively poor ones. Make sure you follow our advice above to get the best results from your photo shoot. Bio ENS Ltd is a sports PR agency based in central London, tasked with promoting and protecting brands in sport. It specializes in football public relations, online PR and SEO.

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