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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Brighton: On the Cutting Edge of Advertising

Just a little over an hour away from the action of central London is the stunning Sussex town of Brighton. Amongst its many claims are a beautiful beachfront, a world-class pier and a wide range of cultural and sporting activities for all age groups. Every year Brighton plays host to a range of exciting international events, including the Brighton Fringe Festival, the second biggest of its type in the world. In addition it is considered to be the gay capital of Europe and it is one of the UK’s premier spots for nightlife. However Brighton is much more than just a cool tourist destination, it is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s leading media hubs. Just one example is the New Year launch of the Brighton SmartScreen, a digital advertising outdoor site which will be the first of its kind outside a major city in Europe. It’s located on Queens Road, by the train station and will offer advertisers a new – and environmentally better - way to reach potential customers. The screen’s environment credentials are based on its LED technology, meaning it consumes a low amount of energy – and does away with issues like paper that is associated with poster advertising. This new piece of Brighton media is also unique in offering ‘state of the art’ super-slim smart screen technology, so advertisers can create and broadcast advertisements in real time - a real advantage over traditional forms of outdoor advertising. This dynamic media will be a great way for organizations of any size to reach out to their customers, from large multinational companies looking to capitalize on the mass market of 360,000 consumers who will pass the screen each week, to small businesses looking to make a targeted, local impact via a cost effective medium that may have previously been unavailable to them. Brighton is widely regarded as a very aware place to live so typically, in the spirit of the town, the Brighton big screen looks set to become a community resource. Charities, not-for-profits and arts groups can enjoy a ‘value-added’ service, which puts outdoor advertising within their financial reach. Additionally, the local police have been promised free use of the screen for important public information, such as missing persons or safety announcements. With the town looking set to embrace another truly cutting edge piece of media thinking, Brighton once again proves that it is more than just a great place for visitors, it is great for forward thinking businesses too. Bio Maxx Media creates dynamic media and digital outdoor advertising, changing the face of the media in Brighton and the South Coast with its Brighton big screen.

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