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Monday, 17 December 2012

Five Reasons to Consider Outdoor Digital Advertising

In today’s media-saturated world there are thousands of ways to communicate with consumers - posters, newspapers, television, internet – not only does the list goes on, it evolves constantly. However, today one of the most exciting and effective new forms of advertising is digital outdoor, here’s why 1. Cost Effectiveness – the economic climate means companies are under pressure to make advertising budgets go further – so digital is good news. It is far more cost effective to run a digital ad than one on almost any other platform; companies looking to advertise can buy slots as short as 10 seconds which means lower space and production costs. 2. Time Specific Advertising – Another great thing about digital advertising is that it can be timed in the same way as television advertising. Different demographics ‘self select’ subject to the time of day and digital advertising has the nimbleness to respond to this, allowing advertisers to reach specific target markets. For example, digital ads can be created in a ‘playlist’ that means business people are targeted during the morning commute hours, mums on the school run then older people during the day 3. Quick Lead Time – The production benefits of digital are two-fold; depending on the ad production can be very cost-effect and additionally, lead times are much faster. Not only does this give advertisers the ability to change targeted messages much quicker, it also gives them the chance to test and tweak campaigns so they can tailor the most effective offer or creative. 4. Community Benefits - Small or local businesses are not the only new market who have the chance to benefit from digital advertising, now media owners frequently offer community groups their sites as a low-cost or free resource. This means that these sites have the potential to be this century’s community noticeboard. 5. Environmentally Friendly – Posters are not only looking outdated, they are increasingly off-message environmentally too. Aside from the paper saving, smartscreen technology is powered by LED and uses very little energy. Maxx Media is launching the Brighton big screen at the end of 2012 and for all the reasons listed above this will be a great way for businesses of all sizes to advertise using a form of dynamic media in a regional area. The Brighton Smartscreen will be the first of its kind outside of a major city in Europe making it a truly cutting edge opportunity. Brighton media is taking the lead in regional advertising. Bio Maxx Media creates dynamic media and digital outdoor advertising, changing the face of the media in Brighton and the South Coast with its Brighton big screen.

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