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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Benefits of Off-the-Shelf Workforce Management Software

Many smaller companies and event organizers are now opting for off-the-shelf software packages when it comes to workforce management – a more cost-effective option to many companies that might not have the budget for bespoke packages tailored to their specific needs. This is an affordable yet effective option for those looking to centralize their employee scheduling and automate their workforce communication.

There’s no doubt that employee scheduling and workforce management is tough, regardless of your company size. Off-the-shelf workforce management software provides a precise yet flexible approach to workforce communication and covers key areas such as staff management, scheduling, messages, notifications, specific user portals and a comprehensive reporting system. Having all of these on one cloud-based system allows 
companies to cut down on their personnel, resulting in big savings.

The great thing about off-the-shelf software is that different sized packages can be used for different sized workforces. There’s no need to pay for what you potentially wouldn’t use – you simply pay for what you need for the size of your workforce. For example, you can usually sign up for packages that are available for up to 100, 250, 500 and over 500 active users, with prices varying accordingly. An active user is someone that is either scheduled to a shift or have logged on to their user profile during a given month. On top of that, an off-the-shelf package provides you with the ability to have a number of stored contacts varying from 1,000 to 5,000. Contacts are regarded as a unique user’s record that is stored in the system, but isn’t necessarily active. Contracts may also be taken out on either an annual or bi-annual basis, thus making it an even more flexible option. This is also a huge benefit in an unstable economic climate as companies are able to revise their personal financial circumstances every six months rather than annually.  

Employee scheduling software can really make a difference to a company or an event and enable it to run as seamlessly as possible.  The software enables managers to identify and predict demands, which means that employees will be available and ready to complete the tasks appointed to them there and then, as the system takes into account their availability and skills. In addition to this, the great thing is that your workforce will be able to access all this information remotely, using smartphones or tablets for example - a cutting-edge approach to managing a modern-day workforce. 

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