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Saturday, 22 June 2013

How Well Does Your Website Reflect Your Sport’s Brand Image?

As with any other commercial activity, the consistency of your marketing message is vital in sport PR. Every marketing tool should reflect what your sport is essentially about and the image that you wish to project. This includes your website and social media profile, not just your printed material.

When creating and developing your online presence, bear in mind that the way your website and core message comes across is an integral part of the users’ experience. It will have a strong influence on the way they perceive and remember your sport.

 If you want your website to convey the right message to the end-user, there are several things you  need to bear in mind.

Audiences today are very visual, so the first thing users will notice about your website is how your sport is represented through layout, colour and images and whether what you are presenting relates to them.
To attract the attention of a wider audience, your website should reflect the multiple and varied aspects of the sport, without forgetting what the sport is essentially about and what your core message is.
As with other forms of sports PR, choosing appropriate and unique content that helps your website reflect your sport’s brand image will go a long way towards generating interest among those who visit your website.

Photos and graphics
To avoid confusing your audience and diluting the brand message, any images and artwork you use on your website should be consistent with those used in your other marketing collateral and comply with your brand standards. This is a key principle in sport PR.
For instance, if your key message is that your sport is fun and suitable for everyone, your visual content should reflect a wide range of demographics. This means ensuring that people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and ethnic origins appear in the photos displayed on your website to reinforce the concept of inclusivity.

Social Media
Social media offers an unrivalled opportunity to introduce your sport to a wide audience and should be regarded as an integral part of any sports PR campaign. It’s the most effective way to get ordinary people to connect with your particular sport and see what it’s all about.

Adding a live Twitter feed, a Facebook “like” button and embedding YouTube videos on your website   provides a personalised experience. So use the tools provided by major social media sites to provide seamless integration between your social media profiles and your website.  

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